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- HOT PEPPER F1 BIG SUN No 2 : A very strong plant vigor and high yields. High resistance to Phythophtora capsici. Fresh fruit size is 13 cm length x 2 cm width and 17-19 gram weight per fruit. Thick skin. Medium hot. 


- WATERMELON F1 YELLOW SIREN : High fruits setting and high yield. Fruits are small oblong with yellow flesh and very sweet taste. Skin displays dark green background with black-green stripes. Rind is smooth and thin. Very resistant to cracking. That makes it suitable for transportation. Medium maturity : about 70 - 75 days after sowing, weight: 2.5-3.5 kg (5.5-7.7 lb) per fruit. Resistant to Fusarium, Anthracnose and Phytophtora.

- SEEDLESS WATERMELON F1 YELLOW MOON : fruits are perfectly globe in shape, green with dark green stripes. Flesh is yellow, sweet and tender. Sugar content is very high compared to other yellow flesh seedless watermelons. Each fruit weight between 4 to 5 kilograms. Maturity: 93 days from sowing. Very sweet (15 brix)

- WATERMELON F1 BLACK BALL : Early to medium maturity (90 days from sowing). Fruits weight 8 - 10 kg (17-18 lb). Red flesh with dark green rind and thin black stripes.  Round fruits. The rind is 12 mm. Brix of 12%. Good shipping quality, no cracking. Tolerant to Anthracnose, Fusarium and Phytophtora. Deep red flesh with dark green rind.  Round fruits. Good shipping quality, no cracking. High sugar content and firm flesh , high lycopene. Tolerant to anthracnose, fusarium and phytophtora. 

- HOT PEPPER F1 GOLDTECH : Plant height : 60 - 70 cm (25 - 26 Inches). Medium late maturity cultivation for outdoor. Plants are semi erect, tall and vigorous. Fruits are large, 13 - 15 cm (5.5 in.) long and 2.5 cm (0.98 in.) in diameter, weighing about 23 - 25 gram (0.05 lb) each. Fruits are glossy, light green to light red color at full maturity, pungent, suitable both for fresh consumption or dried. High overall tolerance to diseases with high yields, resistant to Phytophtora and Bacterial wilt.

- TOMATO F1 No 7 : Semi-determinate plant growth with high fruit setting. Maturity : 65-68 days after transplant. Fruits are oblong-shaped, uniform color, and weigh 110-120 gram (0.25 lb) each. There are 5 fruits per cluster. Tolerant to Nematods and TYLCV /WTG (whitefly-transmitted geminivirus conditioned by the Ty-2 gene from H24), BW (bacterial wilt), TMV (tomato mosaic virus conditioned by the Tm2a allele), F-1 (fusarium wilt race 1), Sm (gray leaf spot -Stemphyllium) and Nematods. Dry matter : 5,1

- TOMATO F1 T-03 (aka " F1 MONGAL ") : well adapted to hot and tropical conditions, this variety can stand temperatures over 42-45 oC (110 F). Determinate growth for open field production. Maturity : 60 - 65 days after transplant and harvest lasts 25- 30 days. High yields, round slightly flat-shaped fruits with green shoulder before maturity and bright red color at full maturity, average weight : 140-160 gram per fruit with good firmness. F1 T-03 displays both high heat tolerance and good resistance to diseases, especially bacterial wilt (pseudomonas solanacearum), fusarium , verticillium , and powdery mildew.

- CHINESE CABBAGE F1 SUMO : “Wong Bok” type. Maturity: 55- 60 days after sowing. Foliage color is dark green. Head weight: 1.8 - 2 kg. Oval shape heads. Resistance: virus, soft rot, downy mildew, heat. Highly recommended for growing in tropical and subtropical areas. Leaves are hairless and shiny. The crisp head has a pleasant flavor and is ideal for salads and fried asian dishes in place of head lettuce.